Montana Creek, Alaska

Montana Creek, Alaska


Tanya Kerensa Morris

Hobbies, interests, dreams

  • Website Creator¬†
  • Local Entrepreneur Advocate
  • Local Services Advocate
  • Off-Grid Energy and Independence¬†
  • Alternative Energy Research
  • Agler Semi-Guide & Hostess
  • Private waterfront Angler Camp on Montana Creek

Village Independence, Presperity, Strength & Continuity

One of my strongest beliefs is that smaller communities are the right environment. It isn't a point I believe needs proven. I also believe that small communities attract the kind of people that make them even better. Fewer and stronger, innovative and kinder people can take great care of each other.

One of the reasons I am here is because of the Sunshine Clinic. After my divorce in 2013 I was in Anchorage for a few months and had to go to the clinic there. They did their best, but within weeks I was packed up and heading North.  Sunshine Clinic in Willow had been my care provider since 2007. There were simply too many people in Anchorage to have what I missed.

In Susitna North we don't need police. We have awesome people and our own firemen!

Sometimes it can be difficult to get all of what is in a village "together." Villages attract people who like privacy. Sometimes a person or business gets a slow start. Product and supply is limited due to freight "issues." I'm old enough to have noticed with all of this, new options are not known as available.

It doesn't matter though. My Village is Susitna North. I'm here and staying. I'm here to support my village in the way  that works out. We have sister villages. To the South is Willow. To the North is Talkeetna, Sunshine, and Trapper Creek.

I'm glad that there are still places like here. I'm glad that the information age has not had a huge impact. I'm very careful about this website. There a foot note that it is hosted I left it because of how long I have safety used it, from a remote location, and mostly with only a smart phone. They always answer my questions and it is a team of people who I am now familiar with. If anything ever "pops up," tries to link you, or displays on my website that is questionable please let me know right away. I'm a natural web page producer. 

Tanya Kerensa Morris
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